Tag Your Pet

Every day at the Timmins Humane Society lost dogs and cats arrive at the shelter lost and without identification. Most animals that arrive at the shelter display absolutely no form of identification and without id, it is very challenging and sometimes impossible for the THS staff to reunite pets with their owners. Something so simple as identifying your pet can save its life. You love your pets and never expect that they could get lost.. yet hundreds of pets get lost in Timmins and area every year! This article will discuss the legal requirements and the rewards of properly identifying your pet in the City with the Heart of Gold.

#1) City of Timmins Licenses

Municipalities across Canada have recognized the importance of pet identification by creating bylaws that require registration of all dogs and cats with a City Pet License. Licensing is not only an important piece of identification, but the funds generated by licensing programs help support animal protection programs and keep our community safe for you and your pet. As an added bonus, the Timmins Humane Society offers a reduced cost license for animals that are spayed or neutered and a Get of Jail Card Free for a first time lost cat.

City of Timmins Pet Licenses can be obtained at the Timmins Humane Society, at Pet Value in the Hollinger court or at any of the Timmins Vets in Town


Each Neutered or Spayed Cat $35.00 each per year

Each Non-Neutered Cat $60.00 each per year

Each Neutered Dog $35.00 each per year
Each Non-Neutered Dog $60.00 each per year


 #2- Free ID Tag From The Humane Society of Canada

When your pet goes missing, a valued member of your family is lost. The Humane Society of Canada’s Pet Recovery Team helps reunite lost pets with their families through a special network which includes giving each one of your pets an id tag bearing your pet’s name and your contact telephone numbers. On the other side of the tag, is a unique serial number keyed to each one of your pets’ information, complete with The Humane Society of Canada’s toll free number, which works from anywhere in North America and we will accept collect calls from anywhere in the world.


There is no charge for this service, although a donation is gratefully accepted. Go to:  register online or login to start the process. Once you have a user account, just fill out the online Pet Recovery registration form or print the form and send it by mail or by fax to the Humane Society of Canada. If you do not have an e-mail address or you do not wish to register online, you can print out this PDF version of the Pet Recovery Form and send it by mail or fax to the Humane Society of Canada. When the HSC receives your forms, the tag is created in our office and mailed out to you as soon as possible.


#3-Vet Tag

Your pet should also wear his or her rabies tag, which lists your veterinarian’s phone number.