Top Ten Ways to help the Timmins Humane Society

10. Donate your spare unrolled change to any of the coin boxes or donation bins around town (eg. Swish, Pet Valu, YIGs, etc.) PS….We’ll take the rolled coins too!

9. Donate your Club Z points or Canadian Tire money…we can use these to buy blankets, toys and other supplies for the animals in our care. We go through a LOT of dog food and kitty litter!

8. The next time you’re at Swish or either one of the Pet Valu stores, buy a little something extra for the humane society animals –like food, toys or cleaning supplies– and place it in the big donation bins.

7. Call us to find out when our next fund raising event is, and donate some of your time and energy.

6. Become a member….it only costs $15 for a family, and you’ll know you’ve done something that really makes a difference. Being a member doesn’t necessarily mean you need to donate your time, although that’s always welcome too!

5. Buy a membership for a friend. Individual memberships cost only $10. What a great and original gift for an animal lover!

4. Get involved…ask us how you can be on the Board, or how to help out on a regular basis.

3. Send a friend the link to this website…the more people who see it, the more animals we can help.

2. Make a charitable donation to the Society. We can write you a reciept for your taxes.

1. Adopt a dog or cat friend into your family!


Please note: No raw hide bones for dogs as they can cause obstruction or perforation of intestines or bloody diarrhea.