Wedding Fundraising

A Caring Way to Celebrate Your Wedding
Make your wedding a lasting celebration of love
Celebrate your special day by making a donation in honor of your love to help the homeless and abused animals who find themselves at the Timmins Humane Society.

Ideas to support the Timmins Humane Society (THS) at your wedding include:

Shower Gifts: In lieu of gifts, guests make donations to the THS. You can either make an insert card or display this request on your shower invitations.

Gifts to the Couple: In lieu of gifts, guests can make donations to the THS. You could place an insert card or make a note of your preference on your wedding invitations.

Kisses for Kritters: This is a very popular idea: Guests make donations to the THS each time they wish the couple to kiss. The Timmins Humane Society can even provide you with a customized donation box for your reception if you wish.

Wedding Favours: In lieu of favours, make a donation to the Timmins Humane Society and provide a place card for your guests to let them know. The place card could look something like this:

Wedding Party Gifts: In lieu of gifts to your wedding party, a donation is made to the THS. You could provide a sentimental card to your wedding party tell them.

Thank You Gifts: In lieu of thank you gifts, a donation is made to the THS. You could provide a Thank you card to your chosen honourees letting them know about your thoughtful donation in their honor.

In recognition of your support of the Timmins Humane Society, they are happy to provide you with an opportunity to visit the Society and have your picture taken with an animal as a thank you to send to your guests. The Timmins Humane Society can also post this picture on their website to highlight your generosity

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