No Hot Pets! Take the Pledge!

On May 23, 2017, the Ontario SPCA and it’s branches and affiliates launched this year’s campaign to keep pets out of hot vehicles!

Every year the Ontario SPCA receives hundreds of reports across the province about pets being left in cars. You can take the No Hot Pets pledge and receive a free window decal (while supplies last). Visit for more information!

Dogs have a limited ability to sweat and even a short amount of time in a hot environment can be life-threatening. A dog’s normal body temperature is about 39°C and a temperature of 41°C can be withstood only for a very short time before irreparable brain damage or even death can occur.

There is no good excuse for leaving a pet in a vehicle unattended – not if you’ll only be 5 mins, not if you left the window open and not even if you don’t believe it’s that hot out!

This summer, choose to stop making excuses and start saving lives! Leaving a pet unattended in a vehicle is one of the most irresponsible things a pet owner can do.

If you witness an animal in distress, please call 310-SPCA (7722) or local police.