Our Story

Who We Are

The Timmins Humane Society is a non profit organization and Registered Charity (Number 87246 6198 RR0001). Also an affiliate of the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OSPCA)

The Society is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, and assisted by Members at Large, who work on various committees, such as Fundraising, Adoptions and Cruelty Prevention. We welcome new members….find out more by by clicking here.

What We Do

The Timmins Humane Society investigates cases of cruelty and neglect. SPCA Agents and Inspectors are empowered by the Ontario SPCA Act. No funding is received for this vital action and donations are relied upon from those dedicated to helping to protect animals in need.

Under a contract with the municipality of the city of Timmins, the city’s pound is operated by the shelter and both the cat and dog by-laws are enforced. Cat and dog licenses are sold and registered on behalf of the City of Timmins.
By-laws, No. 2005-6220 and 2004-6014

Providing for your Pet

One important aspect of treating your pets with kindness is making sure they have proper shelter, food and water, whether inside or outside. Woodzone.com has excellent, easy-to-read directions on how to build a house for your pet. After all, you wouldn’t want to be left outside all day with no food or shelter, and neither does your pet!

The Criminal Code of Canada requires animal owners and custodians “to provide suitable and adequate food, water, shelter and care for their animals. Failure to supply these necessities could result in the animal being removed and might lead to the prosecution of its owner or custodian.” In situations where the Agent finds that an owner has been cruel, the Agent can refer the matter to the Crown, which can lay charges under the Criminal Code of Canada or the Ontario SPCA Act.

Rescue Services

For Domestic Pets: If you think an animal is in distress (lacks food, water or shelter, or is being abused) please call the Humane Society at 264-1816.

Fund Raising

The Society relies on local fund raising, donations and volunteers to support its activities. The Timmins Humane Society receives no funding from the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, as it only has the status of an affliliate branch.

The Board of Directors & Volunteers

The Timmins Humane Society is incorporated as a charitable organization under the laws of Ontario.If you would like to volunteer as a Board member, please contact us.

We also have many volunteers who help us with things like animal care, cleaning, health services, adoption clinics, telephone work, and fund raising. If you would like to get involved, call us at 705-264-1816.